mirai y (zafikel@hotmail.com)
Mon, 21 Feb 2000 09:23:59 EST

>Yup. That's how I remember someone telling me - but I first doubted it when
>I saw the MG kit with Kamiru written on it. I thought that maybe some
>American thought it was Camille and posted it up on the web and became the
>defacto standard for some reason. The people who know Nihongo on this ML
>haven't really said anything about Kamiru being a girl's name in Japan,
>just assume that the intention was to use the name Camille for now... :)

As a Nihongo speaker on the ML: Camille's name was definitely taken from
the Western name. There is no such name as Kamiru in Japanese. It's
another one of those Western names in Kana that got mistranslated back in

mirai y
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