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From: mirai y <zafikel@hotmail.com>

> I agree. It's the Japanese confusion of L's and R's. In the show, the
> pronounciation is closest to Loran...

Question: When is it considered an official English style spelling of the
character's name?

I'm still confused as to the whole Camille/Kamiru Vidan thing.

> BTW, I finally got to watch the first 8 episodes of Turn A. The character
> design and the animation took some getting used to, but I rather like it.
> (I could NEVER get used to the opening theme, however. It's really bad.)
> Anyone else with any opinions on the show?

*Turn A Gundam, Turn A Gundam*

The Opening theme is so cheesy. It ranks up there with some of the Gundam
0079: OYW songs. :)

Yup, the animation takes a while getting used to. I felt I was watching a
Nippon Animation series at times (especially in episode 8) - and I was
practically itching for the Turn A to go into action more. The Turn A looks
better animated and in movement than it does on static shots. I wonder why
Bandai never advertises the Turn A in full motion? I think a lot of subtlety
in Syd Mead's design is lost if you don't show it in motion.



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