mirai y (zafikel@hotmail.com)
Sun, 20 Feb 2000 20:54:18 EST

> >And, for what it's worth, the name of Turn A's nominal protagonist is
> >as Rolan Cehack....
> If his name were really "Rolan," why would he instantly pick up the
>nickname "Laura"? Here, Loran/Loren/Lauren or something similar is a far
>more plausible rendition.

I agree. It's the Japanese confusion of L's and R's. In the show, the
pronounciation is closest to Loran...

Sort of like, they used "Sayla" in First Gundam, when it's really a kana
rendition of the name "Sarah".

BTW, I finally got to watch the first 8 episodes of Turn A. The character
design and the animation took some getting used to, but I rather like it.
(I could NEVER get used to the opening theme, however. It's really bad.)
Anyone else with any opinions on the show?


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