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Mark writes,

> I think "Eagel" is the spelling used in Bandai's Gundam War card >game.
>Certainly not an "official" spelling, but good enough for the >time being.

I guess since "Eagel" has been the most popular to date, I'll stick with

>>MR-Spi 05 Omega "Jet Stream" - Burke doesn't list this at all. >>It's a
>>Dom analog and the "Omega" is given as a Greek letter, >>although "pi" is
>>given in lowercase as shown.
> This is just some wacky variation cooked up by Hobby Japan.

Dafydd, was this in the March 2000 Hobby Japan? I just picked up my copy
this afternoon, and I don't see this Omega "Jet Stream" thing at all. Even
if it is an original scratchbuild kit, I'd be curious to see it.

> Mahiro Maeda (worked on Gamera, Blue Sub)
> Created the Mahirow, which he named after himself.

That's cute. ^_^

> The Bandit (or Bandits, or Banditz, or...) is another antique >mobile
>suit, excavated from the same lunar mountains where they >found the Turn X.
>Like the Turn X, it's laden with psycommu->controlled remote weapons, and
>generally seems to be pretty damned >bad-ass. :-)

Is it also unmanned like the Turn X, or does cool-looking piece of hardware
actually have a pilot?

>>In the bottom right-hand corner of Page 39 (caddy-corner from the >>color
>>Muddo pics) is a color pic of a round, dark green ship, but I >>can't find
>>any text that points to it specifically. Any idea what >>it's called,
>>whose side it's on, etc?
> That's the Aspite. It's the flagship of Gim Gingaham, the >Moonrace's
>military leader.

Excellent! More stuff for the web page! The _true_ God of Gundams comes
through, as always! Thanks, Mark!

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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