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The HGUC Z'gok 1/144 is one of the nicest surprises I got from bandai.

1) the arms and legs are really jointed. the plastic ball socket systems
are made of the same material, it seems, as the skeleton of the original HG
rx78...something like a cross between polycap and standard material.

2) the abdomen is very maneuverable, and allows it a freedomof movement
that is very good for posing.

3) The claws, however are built in almost the same way as the 0080 vesion,
so no surprises here. the legs are very nice, and once again, shades of MG
detailing are all over the place, like the internal frames for the joints
and other such...this smells like another scaled down MG.the unique
construction for the head is very nice.

all in all, I am very impressed.

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