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Dafydd writes,

>The March 2000 issue of Hobby Japan has some more Turn A profiles, with
>some new nomenclature and model numbers.

  A note: Unlike Gundam W and Gundam X, third-party publications don't
seem to adhere to any consistent spelling where Turn A is concerned. I've
seen at least three different spellings for the Eagel alone...

>TAF-M9 Eagail - this is down in Burke's List as "Eagel" but I don't know if
>it's the first time they've Romanized it or a new Romanization.

  I think "Eagel" is the spelling used in Bandai's Gundam War card game.
Certainly not an "official" spelling, but good enough for the time being.

>MRC-U11D WaD - this is down in Burke's List as "Wadd" but again I don't
>know the provenance. Note that the capitalization is as given: uppercase
>W, lowercase a, uppercase D. Burke didn't have the model number, so I
>presume it's new.

  No, I've seen it before - in Kodansha's Comic BomBom, if memory serves.

>SPA-51 Cannon Illefuto - Burke has it down as "Cannon Irfute"

  See "Eagel" above - there's no consistent spelling, least of all Hobby
Japan's wild-ass guess.

>MR-Spi 05 Omega "Jet Stream" - Burke doesn't list this at all. It's a Dom
>analog and the "Omega" is given as a Greek letter, although "pi" is given
>in lowercase as shown.

  This is just some wacky variation cooked up by Hobby Japan.

>And, for what it's worth, the name of Turn A's nominal protagonist is given
>as Rolan Cehack....

  If his name were really "Rolan," why would he instantly pick up the
nickname "Laura"? Here, Loran/Loren/Lauren or something similar is a far
more plausible rendition.

Burke writes,

>Ooh! Haven't seen that one before! Although I did finally get the February
>2000 Newtype yesterday, and it did contain the following new stuff:

  Speaking of which, this issue features a round-up of the backup mecha
designers who've contributed to Turn A. Pretty interesting (and
debate-settling) stuff. Here's the lineup:

  Mahiro Maeda (worked on Gamera, Blue Sub)
  Created the Mahirow, which he named after himself.

  Takeshi Takakura (worked on Nadesico, Daigard, Gaogaigar)
  Drafted the separated modules of Mead's Turn X.

  Junya Ishigaki (worked on V Gundam, Gundam X, Xenogears...)
  Designed the Cannon Irfute (ah-hah!), the Godwin, and the spaceship Wilgem.

  Takumi Sakura (worked on Nadesico, Brain Powerd)
  Designed the Bound Doc-esque Mutto, the Sumo's flight booster, assorted

  Yoshikazu Miyao (worked on Macross Dynamite 7, Blue Sub)
  Designed the Moonrace flagship Aspite, assorted props and backgrounds.

  Of course, the principal contributors are Syd Mead (designed the Turn
A, Flat, Wadom, et al, with cleanup by Atsushi Shigeta) and Kuno Okawara
(designed the Wadd, Eagel, Gozzo, et cetera).

>The Mahirow (kana spelling "ma-hi-rou")... anyone have a clue how this is
>supposed to be spelled? I was also wondering if this was another one of
>those "unmanned" mobile suits (mobile dolls?) a la the Turn X, since it
>seems similar in some respects.

  As noted above, it's designed by - and named for - Mahiro Maeda. But
since they gave it a long "ro", adding a "w" seems apropos. It's a manned
mobile suit, used by Gim Gingaham's space forces.

>An offshoot of the Gozzo called the Godween (? - kana spelling

  The Godwin is a revamp of the Gozzo, a Moonrace artillery mobile suit.
The two Gozzo pilots eventually join the Militia, and their mobile suits
are made over into Godwins. The design is by Junya Ishigaki, reworking
Okawara's Gozzo.

>Another Syd Mead design called the Bandits (kana spelling "ba-n-de-ttsu")...

  The Bandit (or Bandits, or Banditz, or...) is another antique mobile
suit, excavated from the same lunar mountains where they found the Turn
X. Like the Turn X, it's laden with psycommu-controlled remote weapons,
and generally seems to be pretty damned bad-ass. :-)

>In the bottom right-hand corner of Page 39 (caddy-corner from the color
>Muddo pics) is a color pic of a round, dark green ship, but I can't find any
>text that points to it specifically. Any idea what it's called, whose side
>it's on, etc?

  That's the Aspite. It's the flagship of Gim Gingaham, the Moonrace's
military leader.

-- Mark

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