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Hello everyone!

Burke emerges from The Void Of Lurkdome to respond to the big -Z-'s blurb on
the new Turn A names/model numbers from the 3/2000 Hobby Japan...

>TAF-M9 Eagail - this is down in Burke's List as "Eagel" but I don't know if
>it's the first time they've Romanized it or a new >Romanization.

I think I can accept "Eagail" based on the pure kana spelling.

>MRC-U11D WaD - this is down in Burke's List as "Wadd" but again I don't
>know the provenance. Note that the capitalization is as >given: uppercase
>W, lowercase a, uppercase D. Burke didn't have the >model number, so I
>presume it's new.

The model number's good, I just yanked it from Mark's web site the other day
(though I haven't updated this on my web site yet... more on that, read
below). The "WaD" spelling is quite strange... I'll hold judgment on that
for now unless I see it used again elsewhere (like that Wadd garage kit
that's coming out real soon).

>The other two MS, Concept-X 6-1-2 Mobile Turn X and NRS-P701 Gozzo, were
>already listed by Burke.

>I'm not sure how much credence to put in the Turn A model numbers and
>Romanizations, but they appear to be internally consistent. An earlier
>issue of Hobby Japan gave two other profiles that are >different or missing
>from Burke's List:
>SPA-51 Cannon Illefuto - Burke has it down as "Cannon Irfute"

I've seen this MS named about two or three million different ways... for all
I know, it could be "Ill-Foot". :P

>MR-Spi 05 Omega "Jet Stream" - Burke doesn't list this at all. It's a Dom
>analog and the "Omega" is given as a Greek letter, >although "pi" is given
>in lowercase as shown.

Ooh! Haven't seen that one before! Although I did finally get the February
2000 Newtype yesterday, and it did contain the following new stuff:

The Mahirow (kana spelling "ma-hi-rou")... anyone have a clue how this is
supposed to be spelled? I was also wondering if this was another one of
those "unmanned" mobile suits (mobile dolls?) a la the Turn X, since it
seems similar in some respects. I'm also curious to know if it's designed
by Syd Mead, or someone else. (All that cool Mead Turn X artwork in the
background is nice, too...)

The Cannon Ill-Foot (^_^) is shown again...

An offshoot of the Gozzo called the Godween (? - kana spelling
"go-ddo-wii-n)... same basic body and head of the Gozzo, but with a
different cannon over the shoulder, lose the spiked left-shoulder armor,
Zaku-looking forarms in place of the big "box" arms, and large, brown "club

Another Syd Mead design called the Bandits (kana spelling "ba-n-de-ttsu")...
a strange, and unusually slim MS design, with a head that seems kind of like
a Sumo but with a Turn A-like moustache... and while the arms and legs are
symmetrical, the torso and shoulder armor pieces are different on either
side of the centerline... but very cool Syd stuff, nonetheless.

Color lineart of the Bound Doc looking Muddo. While it's basic design is
similar to the Bound Doc, it is, in fact, very much a different mobile suit
(unlike the Borjarnons which are _almost_ complete ripoffs of the original
Zaku I/Zaku IIs).

In the bottom right-hand corner of Page 39 (caddy-corner from the color
Muddo pics) is a color pic of a round, dark green ship, but I can't find any
text that points to it specifically. Any idea what it's called, whose side
it's on, etc?

>There may be other model numbers that have been given only in Hobby
>Japan. It may be worth further investigation by those doing MS web sites.

I'll definitely keep my eyes open, thanks!

>And, for what it's worth, the name of Turn A's nominal protagonist is given
>as Rolan Cehack....

Rolan, Loran, Roran, Lolan, Lola, Rola, Lora, Rora... hell, I'm confused!
Let's just call him George! ^_^

Okay, enough Turn A name nitpicking... I've got stuff going on with my web
site right now. It's a mess, but I will have a major
overhaul/revision/update/whatever ready by the beginning of April.

First of all, as some of you may know right now, I'm taking a poll at The
Mecha Domain. I'm asking people to email me with the top 3 mecha anime
series that they'd like to see sections made for on my web site. Don't
reply to me via this email... see my web site for exact details.

Unfortunately over the weekend, in my infinite wisdom (or lack thereof), I
accidentally deleted the current poll tally document that I'd been keeping!
I have an older one, but I know at least a dozen people have voted since
then. Be that as it may, I pretty much see how the poll was going, and I
will continue to tally other votes as they come in. If you voted before,
email me back to submit your vote again... either I'll have it on hand on
this older poll tally document or I won't. And I can tell 'cause I've been
keeping track of all the email addresses of the voters (so that they don't
cheat and try to vote twice ^_^).

As for using the results of that poll... well, to be honest, there's still
tons of work I want to do on the mecha series that I already have on The
Mecha Domain, and most of the results I'm getting from the voters on series
that (a) I have never seen, (b) don't care to actually see, and (c) don't
want to do a section on until I've seen it. Plus, I'm getting pretty worn
out. I really want to move on and start working on other projects (as well
as update the current material on Gundam, Votoms, etc.).

So here's what I want to do... I would like for other web page authors to
create their own pages for the mecha series' they like, drawn up in the
exact same format as the (soon-to-be-current-updated) Mecha Domain format.
Basically, I'm looking for contributors to submit these other series for the
web site.

I have no idea how big this will make the site in terms of file size, I need
to check with Ben Koshy of Gundam.Com to see just exactly how much web space
he'll let me use (if ya read this Ben, I'm comin' for ya!), but I think it
could be pretty exciting and fun to have The Mecha Domain continue to expand
into so many other areas... and I would only have to do administrative work!
^_^ (yes, Burke is turning into a Bona Fide Lazy Bastard).

Okay, that's enough long-windedness from me for now. If anyone here is
interested in writing up/scanning and submitting pages for a mecha series to
be featured in the Mecha Domain, email me privately at my addy below.


-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

The Mecha Domain Mark-II - http://mechadomain.gundam.com

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