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Just picked up a few books, don't know if anyone covered them yet:

Mobile Suit Memoirs
The Best Mobile Suit UC 0079 - UC 0153
207 Pages, 175 Color!
The book basically covers all the major suits from the UC shows. The format
is as follows: A nice two page illustration of the pilot & the suit. Then a
page with the latest Injection Kit for that suit followed by a CG Action
shot of the suit. Pretty cool mix. . Most of the illustrations I don't
think I've seen. Also includes Turn A gundam section... Must have all us UC
Buffs and at a killer price!

Newtype Illustrated Collection:
20th Anniversary of Gundam - Gundam Regeneration
90 Pages, 88 Pages Color!
A collection of Newtype Magazine Covers, Various Newtype Illustrations all
focusing on the actual mobile suits. Its nice to see the artwork without
all the text and writing around it. Reproduction quality of some of the
pictures is poor/grainy (especially on one of my favorite covers with the
Nu-Gundam). Includes about 8 new illustrations that I haven't seen before,
including one of Turn A that just makes it kick ass...Overall a good value.

Gundam Episode Guide Vol.3
Grips Conflict and Neo Zeon War I, II UC0087-UC0093
160 Pages, 80 Color
This installment covers Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ and Char's Counterattack. The
book starts off by introducing the characters and the introducing each
series by political/military factions & then showing the corresponding
Mecha. Includes episode name listings, staff listings, mobile suit/pilot
chart, episode synopsis, black & white on mechanics & characters, An essay
on Char & the 3 Witches: Kirshia Zabi, Reccoa Londo & Haman Khan. An essay
on Char & Amuro. Not much new here if you've got all the previous Gundam
material on Z, ZZ & Counterattack. Die hards only... :)

That's all she wrote...

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