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Tomonaga wrote:
> and he explained this in detail in a lecture to the crew. The solution? the
> shields conveniently stack together. I don't remember what episode it was but

Hmm yeah now I remember this lecture. But this is still a little

> Also I think when the Gundam is inside the G-Armour, Amuro's controls display
> data from the G-Armour's cameras and sensors. I don't think he is sitting
> inside blind but I don't know if Gundam is holding a beam rifle in its hand

Well yes Gundam's pilot can control G-Armour from the Gundam cockpit, but
G-Armour's forward section is already smashed up by this point. Anyway
that's still nicpicking. My point is that this G-Armour-Bigzam sequence
feels wrong to me, yes you can explain a bunch of things away, but it
still feels wrong, it's not about Gundam technology it's about filmmaking
and storytelling. In fact it won't surprise me that Tomino replaced the
whole G-Armour deal with Corebooster just to clean up this sequence.

On the other hand I do agree with you that both G-Fighter or G-Sky are
cooler than Corebooster. I only wish they would chop out those
in-fight/in-flight joining sequences.


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