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Tomonaga wrote:
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You won't get much of an argument from me, for one, I could be entirely
wrong about Doren, after all you know Japanese, I rely on Chinese sub.

but on the point of Doren's rise after Char's fall. I think in the
military sturctures like Fed and Zeon, which are both very political and
full of power games, being present and being the immediate subordinate
under the man held responsible for Prince Garma's death would be a very
hard stigma to shake. Dozul might not be able to nail Doren legally, but
even the most just and forgiving general would have pack Doren off to
sanitory duties. IIRC, Char did compliment Doren precisely on this point.
Doren may or may not be an oppotunist (I still think he is), but the least
I can say is that he's dawn good at the power game.

> friendly and loyal, and yet be so self-serving and I don't really like
> this idea of Doren.
> ...
> It's amazing that such a brief conversation can show so much about Doren and
> his relationship to Char. I personally like the Movie version and the idea
> ...

I think we are both injecting our own bias into Doren. At least we both
agree that Doren is an interesting character despite his minor role. In
the later and lesser sequels, minor foes never attain much depth.

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