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Peter Cheng wrote:

> > I do remember one FMV mentioning Side 7, following
> > my development of the
> > RX-78-1, and I clicked yes on that, so I assume
> > that's what that was. I
> > haven't gotten 2 or 3 turns pass that, so I assume
> > I'll be getting the
> > "collect V strategy data" next turn or so, I guess
> > I'll have to wait and
> > see. Meanwhile, I guess I need to build up my tech
> > level.
> For the Fed, your priority should be MS tech level.
> MA tech is required to get GundamMA and Alex (before
> Gundam Development Project that is), oh
> well...GundamMA looks silly while the developers
> forgot to give Alex a shield...

I haven't been focusing too much on MA Development, just MS development.
Although right now my first GM is in development, although my tech level
for MS is just 4.

> > Thanks for the help Peter, I really appreciate it.
> No problem. Furthermore, I will like to hear from you
> (and anyone who played the game) after getting to part
> two. The branching of the plot is getting really
> complicated and it should be fun just to hear how
> others are doing. One thing, just try to avoid
> following "historic footsteps" of General Revil (heard
> that if you get to be too "faithful" you may not be
> able to get to part two).

I'm not doing too good, my forces are pretty much all wiped out in
space, I only have about 10,000 credits, dollars/yen and Zeon is
attacking me a lot. Luckily this is a game I'll probably be playing for
a while, so even if I do loose I'll still keep playing.



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