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> It may be just me, but Amuro doesn't really seem to have much of a
> personality, emotions, yes, but I can't pin down what excatly Amuro's
> personality is. Amuro has a personality, its just not clear what it is. I
> think Amuro's kind of reserved and keeps his thoughts mostly to himself.

I think that's exactly right. Amuro is hard to figure out. I think it's
dangerous to label him beyond that. A very important clue of Amuro goes
all the way back to his debut in the opening sequence. He was hunched
over some electronics, completely oblivous to dressing, meals and a
freaking evaculation order! While he later learned to deal with war,
comrades and ranking officers, deep down he's still the same anti-social
kid. When I was a kid, it was hard for me to swallow Amuro's temper.
He's a spoilt whiner! Now I appreciate his personality a lot more.

On a side note, it's extremely easy to mess up the protrayal of an
introvert hero like Amuro and Shinji. I think it's masterful storytelling
on Tomino's part to pull it off so well. The Amuro in Z and CCA, on the
other hand, was a bit more lame. [flame on!]

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