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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> Nightingale wrote:
> > Garma's death. From what I see in that scene, I think
> > Doren is still loyal to Char, but he has to fend for
> > himself, obviously.
> I have a different interpretation. I think Doren is an oppotunist, he was
> loyal to Char before the Garma incident because Char was such a good
> strategist. After Char's fall from grace, Doren deftly detached himself
> from Char and moved on to commanding a Musai.

I don't know if Doren can be called a opportunist. He was already
second-in-command and was the acting commander whenever Char went out in his
MS. When Char was removed, he was the the next-in-line for the position. I
also think that , Dozul, was a soldier's soldier and I doubt he was a type of
person who distributed blame and punished men for following orders. Doren has
to be loyal to Char or else he would have reported the truth about Garma's
death which he seemingly didn't. Being loyal to Char he kept his mouth shut
about the incident.

> I think both versions were
> trying to suggest this but IIRC the movie version was better. I think
> Doren said some superfiscal flattery to Char and Char replied in a
> diplomatic but unpersonal manner.

My impression of the Movie conversation is that Doren is a loyal and friendly
man. The tone and flow of the conversation is akin to that between close,
loyal, battle bonded, officers separated by rank. Char's replies are if taken
literally, is cold ,but in this scene the tone and the situation say he is
just kidding. (That's the problem with subtitles and written communication,
the subtle context is often lost...). Doren would have to be a real sinister
figure to appear so friendly and loyal, and yet be so self-serving and I don't
really like this idea of Doren.

The TV version on the otherhand compared to the Movie version seems extremely
cold because there is no suggestion of Doren being a warm friendly man. But if
you forget that you ever saw the Movie version, Doren is just a professional
military officer going about his usual business and any personal friendly
attitude towards Char does not surface in the conversation. He seems loyal but
not admiringly so.

It's amazing that such a brief conversation can show so much about Doren and
his relationship to Char. I personally like the Movie version and the idea
that Doren was a good loyal warm friendly officer. And the last time I saw the
TV scene I just kept telling myself that...I'm glad they used the Movie
version in the G Generation game. : )


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