Sun, 20 Feb 2000 00:37:40 EST

Well, prepare to be shocked, folks! :)

going to make Gundam action figures with at least 20 points of articulation,
and from what the report seems to say, they will be around the small size.
I'll post the URL(s) and quote the report(s), below:
Scroll down to the Epyon picture, its the paragraph right above the Epyon

"Another relatively new license to this country that Bandai’s totally
committed to is Gundam Wing, which will debut on the Cartoon Network in
March. The figures here are half-figures, half-snap-together model kits, but
the articulation is still very strong, and the figures themselves are
extremely cool. For those of you who know little about the series, it
concerns kids with armor fighting to save the world. There are a little over
50 episodes scheduled to run at this point, and it’s very likely that this
will become as big to collectors as other Japanese imports like Dragonball Z
or Sailor Moon. Aside from the semi-model kits, yes, Bandai is in fact doing
some regular action figures, and those are looking to be very well detailed,
though at a smaller scale that the kits. Nonetheless, Bandai is boasting that
the action figures, small though they may be, will each have at least 20
points of articulation! This is a remarkable number considering the typical
count on McFarlane figures or Hasbro figures and it alone could make this
line extremely popular with fans and collectors."

They could either be the 1/144 kits, which I doubt, since those and the
1/100ths kits are part of the American line.
Scroll down until you see the Gundam Wing title in bold
"Anyway, the first Bandai Gundam products have a nice, novel twist. They are
made like model kits that you have to put together. The good news is that you
don't need glue and paint. All the components are snap-on and the various
insignia of the five Gundam Wing fighters are peel-off decals. The model-kit
Gundams were test marketed at several West Coast Toys R Us locations. With
the series hitting cable shortly, you can expect mass distribution to follow.
Bandai also announced that it would be releasing traditional 4.5" Gundam Wing
action figures"

Of course, I'll take everything with a grain of salt, until more concrete
information is released. It sounds like in addition to the "action figure
kits"(model kits) Bandai will have Gundam Wing action figures.


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