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Tomonaga wrote:
> Most of the differences you find in the TV series compared to the
> Movie is an improvement so there shouldn't be any concern. There are

Hmm like Jim (I think?) I will also defend the movies a bit. I have been
a total "TV better than movies" guy for a long time until I actually
re-watch the last parts of both versions in a "side-by-side" comparison.

> Sleggar wasn't a G-Armour pilot per se, he flew a variant of the
> G-Armour called the G-fighter(G-Armour without Gundam) but he died
> doing exactly the same thing. I doubt you would have trouble accepting
> it, the G-Fighter is much much better than a Core Booster and that's

Actually this scene in the TV does bug me a lot. In the TV, after Bigzam
busted out of A Bao A Qu and went on a kamikaze rampage, Sleggar signaled
Amuro to join up, so they did one of those offensive in-battle combination
Gundam + G-Fighter = G-Armour and charged Bigzam, after G-Armour rammed
into Bigzam, destroying the I-field generator, Sleggar sacrificing in the
process, Gundam, while still inside G-Armour, free up his right arm and
fire the beam rifle to destroy Bigzam. The next scene has Gundam outside
of G-Armour and both G-Armour and Bigzam nowhere to be seen.

There are more things out of whack in this scene than you can shake a
stick at. Apart from tactical impossibilties such as combining in the heat
of battle, Gundam shooting with his head still inside G-Armour and
Gundam's arm moving to an impossible angle while inside G-Armour; you have
the annoying continuity problem: before joining, Gundam had one shield, as
G-Armour, there were 2 shields, after killing Bigzam, Gundam came back out
with only 1 sheld again.

I also really like the part in the movie version where Amuro saw the
phantom manifestation of Dozul's rage.

> In the Movie, Char sheds a tear after Lala dies and is obviously upset
> ...
> after Char returns to space from Earth and contacts Doren, Doren is
> very friendly and says something flattering to Char. In the TV
> ...
> And finally, the TV series didn't show or say what happened to Char

I think these are pretty important differences, while the movies
sacrificed a lot of footages for some minor characters, the movies
actually expanded and deepened the personality of several major
characters, especially Lalah, Char, Amuro and even Doren.

There are many more differences. I don't remember them all. Basically
the movies had to trim a lot of important scenes as were documented by the
posts in last 3 days. But not every single one of those scenes are worth
preserving. Further more for the scenes that were included in the movie,
especially the Battles of Soloman and A Bao A Qu, I consider the movie
version to be "director's cut". The movie version had better
story-telling, dialogues, continuity, tension, sound effects, and music
and are often LONGER than the same sequences in the TV. Especially
noticable are the Lalah's death, Bigzam, the sword fight and the final
telepathy/exit sequence.

I think it's best to view both if possible. Students of filmmaking can
write a pretty serious report out of comparing the 2 versions.

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