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--- Tomonaga <> wrote:
> In the Movie, after Char returns to space from Earth
> and contacts Doren, Doren is very friendly and says
> something flattering to Char. In the TV series,
> Doren isn't so friendly despite having spent a lot
> more time with Char and doesn't flatter him at all.

Interesting now that u've mentioned this. I think this
is just bad presentation by the TV animation crew,
'cos i've seens several of this 'stone-cold' display
of emotions elsewhere in the TV series, not just from
Doren, but also from AMuro, Char, etc. Doren knew the
art of dealing with superiors, and what a fine job he
did - got himself a promotion while remain silent on
Garma's death. From what I see in that scene, I think
Doren is still loyal to Char, but he has to fend for
himself, obviously.

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