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> Now getting back to the new and old animations being
> cropped and added. I played the G-generation on psx
> and I noticed something interesting about the
> Black Trinary and Matilda scene. In the movie
> version all the Black Trinary crew died on that
> assault, but in the video game version only Musha
> died and the rest of the Black crew were
> in the Odessa operation. Now this makes me think
> the g-generation follows true to the tv series.
> (snip) the core booster was never used in the tv
> series, it was the g-armor. And in the g-generation,

> you only see the g-armor. So does this mean what I
> saw on the video game was actually the scenes that
took place in the tv series??

Indeed they are. They stay true to many of the
original animations. Even the duel between GM Blue
Destiny unit 1 & Ifrit Custom are straight from the
Blue Destiny manga. G-Gen did a good job on stay true
to the originals.

> If g-armor was indeed used in the tv series, then
> what happened to the Big Zam scene from the movie??
> Sleggar was a g-armor pilot but he used his core
> booster to ram into Big Zam's crotch.(yeah I know
> that sounds sick ;p )

in TV series, Sleggar rush to Big Zam lower torso but
was caught by Big Zam's feet. He sacificed his life &
G-Fighter so Amuro has the chance to shot at Big Zam's

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