Peter Cheng (
Sat, 19 Feb 2000 20:21:37 -0800 (PST)

> I do remember one FMV mentioning Side 7, following
> my development of the
> RX-78-1, and I clicked yes on that, so I assume
> that's what that was. I
> haven't gotten 2 or 3 turns pass that, so I assume
> I'll be getting the
> "collect V strategy data" next turn or so, I guess
> I'll have to wait and
> see. Meanwhile, I guess I need to build up my tech
> level.
For the Fed, your priority should be MS tech level.
MA tech is required to get GundamMA and Alex (before
Gundam Development Project that is), oh
well...GundamMA looks silly while the developers
forgot to give Alex a shield...

> Thanks for the help Peter, I really appreciate it.
No problem. Furthermore, I will like to hear from you
(and anyone who played the game) after getting to part
two. The branching of the plot is getting really
complicated and it should be fun just to hear how
others are doing. One thing, just try to avoid
following "historic footsteps" of General Revil (heard
that if you get to be too "faithful" you may not be
able to get to part two).
> One last thing, assuming I approved/approve sending
> the WB to Side 7,
> does that mean I should still have a Pegasus-class
> ship w/ Prototypes at
> Jaburo (where they appeared when I first developed
> them), or should be
> gone? Thanks.
They are left untouched. Once you click "Yes" to send
the test team to Side7 (and after you disband the WB
team) WhiteBase, GundamA, GunCannonA, GunTank will all
appear out of thin air...

P.S. (from certain FMV) A tearful Dozul (almost
comical/manga-ish) listening to Garma making his
speech (as faction leader) is quite a scene...
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