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> Gus Jae wrote:
> > Is there a site that contains a catalog style layout w/ names of kits
> > produced for all the Gundam series along w/ their name in English?

Tomonaga wrote:
> Just go to HobbyLink Japan
> And go to the Gundam page.

HLJ no longer list kits that are out-of-stock, I don't think it will do
Gus much good. Obviously Gus knows about Mark's site, so that doesn't do

Well there are a couple Japanese sites that list all the kits in database
style. Notably JAM's site, you can find the URL from NA... It's here

Sorted under shows then MS then scale (e.g. original, HG, FG, MG, PG
Gundams are listed together). But no English... Then there's the
database I keep on my palmtop (414 entries). It's translated, somewhat
painfully (wrote a katakana->romanji program) and with help from Mark's
site, from JAM's database. There are one or two minor typos/spelling
inconsistencies between Mark's and JAM's. I took my best guess in fixing
them. I have been trying to think of an interesting new way to present
this on NA, especially the relationship between release date of different

Oh, JAM's covers both injection kits and garage kits, Mark's has only
injection kits but he has some of the one-timers that's not listed in JAM.
I haven't seen any database of SD kits yet.

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