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> Hello all. Just a few theory I want to put forward.
> Did the Fed build NT-1 as a diversion, just like the 13th fleet heading
> for side-6 before Solomon? Obviously, they wanted to get Alex to
> Amuro.

I doubt it. Getting "Alex" to Amuro is a genuine effort on the part of
Federation Augusta lab. They expend quite a few of their own resource in
getting the MS out of Earth (in pieces and untested). And while they could
have send this over to Luna 2 for final assembly and warmup testing, it is
too far away from the frontline to do anyone any good. Putting it into a
neutral colony near where White base was is actually a good idea.

> However, it cost the Zions enough resources to track this new
> Gundam.

I seriously doubt that Federation is even aware of the Cyclop team. Sure
they know that an elite Zeon squad hit their base in the Artic lab, but
after it left Earth, I doubt they give it much thought about it.

> They "wasted" a fleet, which could have defended Solomon. Did
> the fleet surrender because the captain thought it would be inhuman to
> nuke the colony? I mean, they had Gelgoogs and Doms...... I wish they
> drew this battle.

Col. Killing was trying to nuke Labot regardless of any outcome. He wanted
to nuke the colony to prevent the defense agreements between Federation and
Side 6. He didn't dispatch a fleet, but just a few ship over to nuke the

> Then again, Al's dad said a Zion ship sank in front
> of their shuttle.

The captain of the nuke carring ship surrender, rather than carrying out his
unlawful order.

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