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Kev K wrote:

> I would have to agree with BlazeEagle and Nightingale about the crucial
> character and storyline development only found in the tv series. I haven't
> seen them yet, but I do know a few things about the MA and MS that weren't
> featured in the movies(mechas like Zacrello,Bygro, G-armor and Gyan, my
> favorite MS) and the mutual relationship between the whitebase crew. But the
> only problem for me and everyone is to acquire the english sub versions,
> which aren't found anywhere, yet.
> Now getting back to the new and old animations being cropped and added. I
> played the G-generation on psx and I noticed something interesting about the
> Black Trinary and Matilda scene. In the movie version all the Black Trinary
> crew died on that assault, but in the video game version only Musha died and
> the rest of the Black crew were participated in the Odessa operation. Now
> this makes me think that the g-generation follows true to the tv series.

You are right. In the TV series only one (Mash) of the Black Trinary was killed
in that confrontation. Gaia and Ortega retreated at that time and tried to exact
revenge but were killed during the opening stages of Operation Odessa by Amuro.

> Why?? Well, let's see, if I recall from nightingale, the core booster was
> never used in the tv series, it was the g-armor. And in the g-generation,
> you only see the g-armor. So does this mean what I saw on the video game was
> actually the scenes that took place in the tv series??
> If g-armor was indeed used in the tv series, then what happened to the Big
> Zam scene from the movie?? Sleggar was a g-armor pilot but he used his core
> booster to ram into Big Zam's crotch.(yeah I know that sounds sick ;p ) I
> think if I get a chance to watch the tv series, it'll take me sometime for
> me to get used to the events.

Sleggar wasn't a G-Armour pilot per se, he flew a variant of the G-Armour
called the G-fighter(G-Armour without Gundam) but he died doing exactly the same
thing. I doubt you would have trouble accepting it, the G-Fighter is much much
better than a Core Booster and that's about the only difference in this
particular scene. I would be perfectly happy ramming the G-fighter into the
BigZam, as it looks and feels like it can withstand it but the Core Booster?
the poor guy. : )

Most of the differences you find in the TV series compared to the Movie is an
improvement so there shouldn't be any concern. There are certain things however
which they added to the Movie that altered/or rather made obvious aspects
regarding Char.

In the Movie, Char sheds a tear after Lala dies and is obviously upset and asks
her to guide him. In the TV series, he just flies away without any display of
emotion. The 'guide me' line was actually used when Lala was still alive before
the previous battle.

In the Movie, after Char returns to space from Earth and contacts Doren, Doren
is very friendly and says something flattering to Char. In the TV series, Doren
isn't so friendly despite having spent a lot more time with Char and doesn't
flatter him at all.

It's interesting to note that in the G Generation game, they used the Movie

And finally, the TV series didn't show or say what happened to Char after he
killed Kishiria, but in the Movie, his silhouette can be seen in the window of
an escaping Zanzibar.


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