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Sun, 20 Feb 2000 03:05:38 +0000

Hello all. Just a few theory I want to put forward.
Did the Fed build NT-1 as a diversion, just like the 13th fleet heading
for side-6 before Solomon? Obviously, they wanted to get Alex to
Amuro. However, it cost the Zions enough resources to track this new
Gundam. They "wasted" a fleet, which could have defended Solomon. Did
the fleet surrender because the captain thought it would be inhuman to
nuke the colony? I mean, they had Gelgoogs and Doms...... I wish they
drew this battle. Then again, Al's dad said a Zion ship sank in front
of their shuttle.
I am sure we had a dicussion somewhere about money/currency used in
Gundam. It stated 20 cools on the well-known Jan 14th newspaper.
Can someone refer give me a site or the dicussion about this?

Thanks for reading.

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