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Here is some more info regarding Gashapon Duel...

 GD collector seeking help from all Japanese Gundam fans to complete the

They were first released sometime in 1998. As of June 1999, four series
has been released 40 MS in total. There could be more by now...Obviously
the Perfect Web site's GD page needs updating...

In Japan at least the MS must be purchased individually at random from a
vending machine at 100yen each. I assume both the the MS and Pilot 'hex'
pieces come with the MS. It would be really diabolical if it didn't and
you had to get those at random too...

In order to play the game you have to purchase a starter set for 680
yen. This includes the bits and pieces required to play the game and
also includes two MS pieces. I presume the set includes the game 'map',
catapults, rules (and 'hex' pieces?).

The MS released in series 1-3 are listed at the Perfect Web page but I
will list them here:
Series 1: Gundam, Char's Zaku, Gun Cannon, Gun Tank, Zaku, Gouf, GM,
Gog, Zugock, Aggai
Series 2: GM Cannon, Gun Tank II, Gelgoog, FA Gundam, BigZam, Zeong,
Dom, Ball, Gyan, GunCannon Heavy Equipment
Series 3: Prototype Gundam, Zaku R1-A, Zaku Cannon, Perfect Zeong,
GunCannon II, Zaku Desert type, Zaku Marine type, GM Sniper Custom, Gouf
Flight type, Gundam EZ8

The series 4 consists of the following:
Alex, Zaku kai, GM Commando, Hygog, Zugock E, Mass prod GunCannon,
Gelgoog J
Kaempfer, Rick Dom II, Alex FA,

(Chieng Ting: Now you can have a respectable 0080 MS set, though the
0083 set still lacks MS, which leads me to believe that series 5 with
0083 MS already exists?)

Jorge Lee asked in another post what 'Gashapon' means...
Gashapon is a Bandai brand name nowadays but they used to be called
'Gasha Gasha' or 'Gacha Gacha'. They were so called, because of the
sound made by these simple vending machines when you insert the coin and
turn the knob..

Gashapon name still retains the 'gasha' sound but also added the 'pon' -
you guessed it the sound of opening the capsule.

For those of you who have never seen these vending machines or the
capsules, the new ultra-hyped Dreamcast game - Shenmue - set in Japan
in 1986, has 6 of these machines in several locations and lets you buy
and try to collect the various series on offer. For those of you who
haven't used these machines in a while, it brings back a lot of memories
including the frustration...In the game, I have poured 1000s of yen into
one particular machine and I'm still nowhere near completing the set and
have multiple copies of many pieces. It's a good thing the money is only
virtual, even though I have to get a virtual job at the docks to support
my virtual collection... : )

You can see that the Japanese GD collector in the above link also has a
surplus of many MS...


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