Chris Beilby (
Sat, 19 Feb 2000 20:50:04 GMT

> I hope Animevillage releases the MSG TV show on video and DVD. Because
>they are willing to release all of Wing, it being on CN being maybe part of
>the reason for this. While I like Wing a lot, it would be a shame just to
>stuck with the three MSG movies and not being able to watch the MSG TV show
>in English.
> The three MSG movies, while I myself haven't seen the MSG TV series,
>kind of vague story wise, the movies need to explain some stuff more. Like,
>how did Amuro get to be such a good pilot? To me, it seems, its because
>a NewType, but that can't be the whole answer, can it? I have the same
>question about Char as well.
> The three movies just seem vague and patchy, detail wise, story wise,
>character interactions seem vague, too. They are great movies, but are
>with stuff.

I believe that the plan, based on what has been said at cons, is for the
next broadcast of Gundam on CN to be the original series, slated for
sometime next year...
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