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Peter Cheng wrote:

> > I've got up to the second Gundam prototype (RX78-2).
> > So I should load up
> > a Pegasus class with gundams and a few guncannons
> > and mobile suits and
> > send it off to Side 7? I've already tried getting
> > the Pegasus w/ mobile
> > suits off of Earth, but ended up getting shot down
> > in 2 turns by Musai
> > class ships in Earth orbit. Any tips?
> >
> Actually no (though it will be more fun triggering the
> event by doing so). To trigger the Side7 event (have
> you got those two FMVs, one about the Feds testing
> RX75,77,78-2 at Side7 test site and the other about
> the the aftermath of Side7 attack?):

I've got the FMV where they're testing the prototypes (I assume at Side
7). But I haven't received the one about the aftermath of the Side 7

> After you have the dev.plans for Pegasus class,
> corefighter, RX75,77,78-1 and a turn or two later some
> Fed officer will ask if Revil/player want to send a
> test team aboard "WhiteBase" to Side7 or not. Pick
> "Yes". 3~4T later, the system will add something like
> "collect V Strategy test data" to the main menu
> command "special" (press start button to jump to main
> menu, pick the "special" command right above the "end
> turn", look for "V something" <- think that event cost
> about 3000~5000 capital). Activate that event (like
> you did to activate base invasion plans) and wait a
> few turns, then report regarding WB team reaching
> Lunar2 will come. You have the option to disband WB
> team at Lunar2 and get the V Strategy test data (or
> you can opt to do that later like when WB reach
> Belfast or Jaburo). GM plan should follow AFTER you
> have the test data and your tech levels reached
> certain point (forgot...7-ish??). Let me know if
> these help or not.

I do remember one FMV mentioning Side 7, following my development of the
RX-78-1, and I clicked yes on that, so I assume that's what that was. I
haven't gotten 2 or 3 turns pass that, so I assume I'll be getting the
"collect V strategy data" next turn or so, I guess I'll have to wait and
see. Meanwhile, I guess I need to build up my tech level.

Thanks for the help Peter, I really appreciate it.

One last thing, assuming I approved/approve sending the WB to Side 7,
does that mean I should still have a Pegasus-class ship w/ Prototypes at
Jaburo (where they appeared when I first developed them), or should be
gone? Thanks.



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