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> I think 0079, the series, deserves a worldwide
> relaunch. They could update the animation to todays
> standards, clear up any time line and story line
> confusion, make the OYW mecha look more fresh and
> new, while rataining the look of the mecha. Or at
> least, just clean up the original 0079 animation
> re release it.

This had happened already, albeit in a very small dose
as the intro animation of the game Giren's Greed -
Blood of Zeon. The short clips (about 5 mins) shows a
reanimated 0079/OYW saga, incorporating the charcters
and mechas from 0079, 0080, 0083, MSV, Blue Destiny,
and so on.

I sure would love to see a reanimated 0079 to be a
reality, but it won't be this year, not when Tomino
tries to wipe the slate clean with Turn-A. In a few
years time? Still a possibility.

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