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Federico Makabenta wrote:
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> > This is the last paragraph from this site. Yes, we know that Wing
> kits/"snap
> > together figures" are in America, but wonder what the "two assortments of
> > fully articulated action figures" will be? USA MSiA figures? Totally
> original
> > Gundam Wing action figures just for the USA??
> They used the word "action figure" for the Bandai snap-together models for
> their ad in DC comics last October. I highly doubt that Bandai will release
> anything that's not already preexisting.

I have to agree with you there. It seems very unlikely that Bandai will
release anything new for the US market. Given that Bandai is marketing
the 1/144 kits as action figures, my guess is that the new release are
going to be the 1/100 Wing Gundam kits.

Excluding the Endless Waltz kits, what other existing Wing Gundam
models/toys can Bandai release? I can't think of any other than the 1/60
Wing Zero and the DX Wing Gundam.


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