Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 19 Feb 2000 01:50:34 -0800

>But that's the fun of comics, especially American translations of Japanese
>comics, they take _forever_.

That ain't fun when the series is in danger of being canceled, which Viz
is notorious for doing. Remember Game On! USA magazine? They serialized
Samurai Shodown manga and the magazine was canceled before the series ran
its course. Guess who the publisher was? Those clowns never sent me the
promised refund check for the unfulfilled subscription either.

>It would probably be best just to buy the trade
>paperbacks when they are released, but if the individual comics aren't
>supported, they might not get released. This is what happened to Patlabor when
>Viz was releasing it. Also, each comic has a background section ("The UC
>Insider") in it, written by Mark Simmons, which probably won't be in the TPBs.

Well, there were a few pages of that in the first TPB that just came out,
along with character profiles.


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