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> So the roads are really supply lines? That helps.
Yep. Though supply lines won't ease off fatique
(affect hit rate and evasion rate) and the resupply
rate is awful. As WooJin mentioned, units on supply
line won't get any repair.

> I read my e-mail in Eudora. I don't think it does
> asian fonts. Could
> you just describe them as they appear on the main
> stat screens. For
> instance- first row on left under portrait, going
> down... Rank,
> strength, defense,etc. you go...
The stat. screen:
under the protrait:
Rank/class (in Kanji): higher ranking get larger zone
of control/command.
now we have to columns. The first one:
Rank (katakana): pretty much like experience level of
RPG. From E..A, to S.
Charisma: Higher morale for units under command
(either by stacking or under ZOC).
Leadership: Higher accuracy and dodge rate for units
under command (either by stacking or under ZOC).
Endurance (darn...they changed that from SS ;_;):
faster recovery when "wounded". (For Saturn version
they used to add HP to MS/MA units...).
Second column:
Experience: aha. aha.
Melee: affects hit rate for melee attacks as well as
the number of saber/punch/whatever for one combat
"Shooting": like melee but apply to long range attack
(as in range greater than 0).
Reflex: affects dodge rate as well as hit rate.

Note that NT stat. is hidden. NT level (for SS
version at least) will affect dodge rate, hit rate,
number of attacks (melee/short/long range) and the
"saving roll". Yes, we have saving roll for this game
(for Saturn version at least) i.e. for units that have
pilot assigned they are given one additional saving
roll to avoid utter destruction.
Oh, fatique will affect hit/dodge rate while morale
will dictate how often units will fire their secondary
weapons (e.g., head vulcan and gatling guns for Alex).

> I take it certain units can emit M-particles. Do
> they make it harder
> for everyone to hit? Is it best to be in the
> strongest percentage
> hex, or for you to get your opponent into the
> minovsky fog?
The key is to dispense M.particles just to cover your
units but not the enemy. I usually prefer attacking
with above 50% saturation (my units' hex). Probably
will attack enemy units with 0~20% saturation (enemy
units' hex).
Sometimes bait and decoys work but getting enemy units
to the perfect position is just a tad too
challenging... I'll go with placing my units under
m.part fog and ZOC instead. Oh, using "shields" (as
in obsolete units) works like a charm!
One last thing...try to mass produce MS/MA that fire
non-beam weapons as primary (e.g., GM G/GS/Custom,
Gelgoog Marine) just to get rid of those annoying MA
armed with I-fields (and there are lots of
them...especially in part two).
> Definately! Thanks! I got to get back to the game!
Good luck. Hope you can start worshipping Hamaan soon
enough (Hamaan + Quebeley = God).

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