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Sat, 19 Feb 2000 00:02:51 -0800 (PST)

> I've got up to the second Gundam prototype (RX78-2).
> So I should load up
> a Pegasus class with gundams and a few guncannons
> and mobile suits and
> send it off to Side 7? I've already tried getting
> the Pegasus w/ mobile
> suits off of Earth, but ended up getting shot down
> in 2 turns by Musai
> class ships in Earth orbit. Any tips?
Actually no (though it will be more fun triggering the
event by doing so). To trigger the Side7 event (have
you got those two FMVs, one about the Feds testing
RX75,77,78-2 at Side7 test site and the other about
the the aftermath of Side7 attack?):

After you have the dev.plans for Pegasus class,
corefighter, RX75,77,78-1 and a turn or two later some
Fed officer will ask if Revil/player want to send a
test team aboard "WhiteBase" to Side7 or not. Pick
"Yes". 3~4T later, the system will add something like
"collect V Strategy test data" to the main menu
command "special" (press start button to jump to main
menu, pick the "special" command right above the "end
turn", look for "V something" <- think that event cost
about 3000~5000 capital). Activate that event (like
you did to activate base invasion plans) and wait a
few turns, then report regarding WB team reaching
Lunar2 will come. You have the option to disband WB
team at Lunar2 and get the V Strategy test data (or
you can opt to do that later like when WB reach
Belfast or Jaburo). GM plan should follow AFTER you
have the test data and your tech levels reached
certain point (forgot...7-ish??). Let me know if
these help or not.
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