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Lim Jyue wrote:

> However, unless Viz is coming out with a TPB of it, it might not be
> worth getting their version. The chinese version is up to book 6, and still
> running. Viz typically runs a section of each book in one comic, so it can
> add up to quite a lot of comics to collect.

But that's the fun of comics, especially American translations of Japanese
comics, they take _forever_. It would probably be best just to buy the trade
paperbacks when they are released, but if the individual comics aren't
supported, they might not get released. This is what happened to Patlabor when
Viz was releasing it. Also, each comic has a background section ("The UC
Insider") in it, written by Mark Simmons, which probably won't be in the TPBs.
However, the background is a bit basic so unless you're a newbie, it probably
isn't too interesting (Sorry Mark!). As the comic progresses I imagine the
'Insider will more interesting stuff that appeals more to those that know the
basics of Gundam. Either way I'd suggest picking up a couple of issues.



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