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<< You share my view on the movie trilogy, too? In case
 you haven't read them, here are what I have to say
 about the 0079 TV, movies, and radio drama: >>

  A great review! That's how I feel about the movies too and I haven't even
seen the MSG TV show! I think 0079, the series, deserves a worldwide
relaunch. They could update the animation to todays standards, clear up any
time line and story line confusion, make the OYW mecha look more fresh and
new, while rataining the look of the mecha. Or at least, just clean up the
original 0079 animation and re release it.

  Something shouldn't be based on looks, but at least in the US, 0079 would
do a lot better, if they updated the animation. Wouldn't it be cool to have
an updated version of 0079, that while it looks better, while staying true to
original 0079? I am saying, leave 0079 story, details, character
relationships, etc., alone, but update the animation. This is what should
have been done for Gundam's 20th year, this is what should be done now, since
its the 21st century and all that! :)

  Gundam deserves nothing less, IMO. Gundam's one of the few anime, TV
series, etc. that has such huge staying power. Except for maybe Star Wars in
the US. Hey since they updated the SFX in SW, Gundam deserves the same

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