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> The three MSG movies, while I myself haven't seen
> the MSG TV series, feels kind of vague story wise,
> the movies need to explain some stuff more. Like,
> how did Amuro get to be such a good pilot? To me, it
> seems, its because he's a NewType, but that can't be

> the whole answer, can it? I have the same question >
about Char as well.
You share my view on the movie trilogy, too? In case
you haven't read them, here are what I have to say
about the 0079 TV, movies, and radio drama:

> The three movies just seem vague and patchy,
> detail wise, story wise, and character interactions
> seem vague, too. They are great movies, but are
> with stuff.

This is to be expected when a 43 episode TV series was
cut right down to 6 hrs of motion pictures. Out of all
3 presentations, the made in Hong Kong 0079 radio
drama has to be the worst (pls read my review on that
one). All hypes but not a lot of substance.

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