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> I was wondering if anyone could give me a good solid review of the game. I
> waiting in anticipation for the game's release stateside, but I want to know
> how it is before hand.
> Francis

You can find several previews/reviews if you look around the internet.
Here's a couple of links if you haven't already checked them out:

You can check out the previews at the IGN DC site Preview Gundam Side Story
Also there is a review at Import review -
 Couple of others...reader review GameFAQS , reader review 2

Generally the writers are unfamiliar with Gundam and don't really have a clue
what it's really about. They are reviewing it simply as a standalone game and
from that point of view the game often gets low to average rating. I've seen a
UK Dreamcast magazine give it 1 out of 10 because they had absolutely no idea
what it was about or what was going on...

Whether you like it or not will pretty much depend on whether you are a big fan
of the OYW series or not. If you are, then this is as close as you will get to
piloting a ground combat Federation MS and leading a small MS team.

This game can be considered a 'real MS simulator' and this is where the
reviewers often find problems with it. They expect mech games to be fast paced,
action packed combat a la Virtual On, Armored Core etc...They are not expecting
or comprehend a slower paced mech simulator.

There are 9 stages each with varying mission objectives.
If you are a decent gamer, the first time you play from beginning to end should
take you around 8 hours with total stage clear times of about 70-80 minutes the
first time. Some of the stages are more difficult than others, and all the Zeon
MS are very tough, or rather the weapons available to you are relatively weak.
Believe it or not plenty of people in Japan had/have trouble clearing some of
the stages and you will probably find yourself repeating a lot of stages until
you get it right. Some of the stages do require a lot of strategy and require
smart use of the other team members.

Once you know what strategy to use and where the objectives are, you can clear
the game in 50+minutes total stage clear time= two to three of hours of actual
gaming time.

There is a lot of speech in this game and very little text, it is pretty much
non-stop speech from the beginning to the end. Non-Japanese speaking importers
of the game have trouble playing this game as a result because they don't
understand the battle field communication coming in over the radio.

The graphics are fantastic, the sound is great, the controls are fine although
it seems some people have trouble operating so many buttons...Depending on the
weapon you use and where it is targeted, with enough shots you can blow off
different parts of an enemy MS...a headless Zaku is definitely a sight to see!
(although it doesn't seem to affect it's combat ability too much).

A lot of people were disappointed that a Gundam can not be piloted nor does it
make an appearance but it is perfectly in keeping with the story line. (The
best MS you can pilot is a GM Sniper Custom II from 0080).

The story and the setting is great. It ties in a lot of different Gundam series

As you may have picked up, the Japanese version had special downloadable weapons
and etc to bring the GM's specs up to Gundam levels. I'm sure the US version
will incorporate these items as cheats instead of making everyone download them
off the internet...I'm not sure what the US version will do about the Bonus disc
though - it is a combat simulator which lets you fight against Gundam, GunTank
and GunCannon.

For me this game was the reason I bought the Dreamcast and I like it a lot.
(Although it would have been perfect if it had even more MS). It is definitely a
quality game through and through no doubt about that. You definitely won't feel
ripped off or cheated if you decide to buy this game, especially if you are a
Gundam OYW fan.

If you have any other questions, let me know.


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