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I think the reason they went for the core boosters was they wanted less of a
"super robot" feel to the series, so that Gundam could become the "real
robot" pioneer that we recogize and love today.. If you watched the TV
series, there were A LOT of stock footage of Gundam transforming out of the
G-Armour every episode, just like the transforming robots of yore.

One thing that WAS left out when the G-Armour was cut was the interaction
between Amuro and Sayla. They were teammates that constantly training
together (the docking/transforming mentioned above in a lot of episodes) and
it was hinted that's one of the reasons Amuro drifted apart from Frau.
While not an item, Sayla and Amuro were a lot closer in the TV series. (and
let's not bring up the novelization, when they WERE an item).

What DID Char mean by saying to Sayla "Be a good woman.. Amuro is calling?"

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> > >I also forget to tell u there are 2 more changes in
> > >White Base's mechas: in movies, Sayla Mass and Sleggar
> > >Rowe piloted the Core Boosters, but in TV series, both
> > >piloted the G-Fighter and worked closely with Amuro's
> > >Gundam to form the G-Armor unit.
> >
> > Dang, so you're saying that if we were to watch the original series, we
> > won't see the core boosters??
> >
> No, but the G-Armour and it's variants are much much cooler. Seeing them
> action will make you see Gundam in a different light, and question why
> left it out. For the Movies they basically had to reanimate all the
> that featured the G-Armour & it's variants, or cut it out altogether.
> > >The other notable difference is occurs in 2nd half of
> > >the story: in TV, Hiyato piloted the Guntank all the
> > >way to the end of war, but in the movie, as you know
> > >already, he piloted the 2nd Guncannon and fight
> > >alongside w/ Kai (hence the 108 and 109 units in the
> > >MSiA Guncannon releases)
> >
> > So he never did pilot the guncannon in A Bao Waku? That's hard to get
> > to. Does that mean these were considered alternate storylines?? I don't
> > think I can get used to if I watch the tv series now. I thought the tv
> > series was basically a longer version of the movies and just omitting
> > certain parts to compensate the long hours, but never expected to know
> > there were new animations that would change the story flow dramatically.
> Personally I have no problems with the GunTank fighting in free space,
> although it may be hard to imagine... it's not just a ground based MS. And
> scene of the GunTank lying on its side abandoned at A-Bao-A-Qu is just as
> memorable as the 'dead' GunCannon and Gundam. It just wasn't the same in
> Movie...when they just brought in the second GunCannon without warning.
> I think a lot of people felt sorry for Hayato in the GunTank, and it's
> interesting that in Z Gundam, at Hayato's MS Museum , his GunCannon is
> but the GunTank is no where to be seen...even Hayato preferred the
> Considering that the TV series is double the length of the Movie, you
> out on a whole bunch of great storylines, character development, scenes,
MS ,
> MA etc...but I would say that the bulk of the bits cutout were done so
> they featured the G-Armour and its variants. Unfortunately, the bits that
> cutout along with it were some of the best parts and without them the
> is more akin to a selection of action packed highlights without much
> substance. (a la 0083 ?)
> If you get the chance to see the TV series, you should. You just have to
> convince yourself that the TV series is the 'real' version and the Movie
is a
> just a heavily condensed slightly altered compilation.
> Tet
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