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Peter Cheng wrote:

> > (like those damn
> > Zaku... Anyone know what you need to do to get the
> > Feds developing GMs?)
> Start "V strategy" (use the main manual command above
> "Ends Turn") -> Develop core fighter and Pegasus class
> (use those gray-out picture of those development plan
> list) -> Develop GunTank (RX75) -> Develop GunCannon
> (RX77) -> Develop Prototype Gundam (RX78-1) -> Develop
> Testtype Gundam (RX78-2) -> Trigger Side7 event
> (GundamTV epi.1) -> Wait a few turn and the option to
> develop RGM79 plan should show up a few turns later.
> Oh, when you are at the development screen, click
> circle button twice. It will double the cost for that
> plan but will also cut the development time in half.

I've got up to the second Gundam prototype (RX78-2). So I should load up
a Pegasus class with gundams and a few guncannons and mobile suits and
send it off to Side 7? I've already tried getting the Pegasus w/ mobile
suits off of Earth, but ended up getting shot down in 2 turns by Musai
class ships in Earth orbit. Any tips?



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