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> >I also forget to tell u there are 2 more changes in
> >White Base's mechas: in movies, Sayla Mass and Sleggar
> >Rowe piloted the Core Boosters, but in TV series, both
> >piloted the G-Fighter and worked closely with Amuro's
> >Gundam to form the G-Armor unit.
> Dang, so you're saying that if we were to watch the original series, we
> won't see the core boosters??

No, but the G-Armour and it's variants are much much cooler. Seeing them in
action will make you see Gundam in a different light, and question why they
left it out. For the Movies they basically had to reanimate all the scenes
that featured the G-Armour & it's variants, or cut it out altogether.

> >The other notable difference is occurs in 2nd half of
> >the story: in TV, Hiyato piloted the Guntank all the
> >way to the end of war, but in the movie, as you know
> >already, he piloted the 2nd Guncannon and fight
> >alongside w/ Kai (hence the 108 and 109 units in the
> >MSiA Guncannon releases)
> So he never did pilot the guncannon in A Bao Waku? That's hard to get used
> to. Does that mean these were considered alternate storylines?? I don't
> think I can get used to if I watch the tv series now. I thought the tv
> series was basically a longer version of the movies and just omitting
> certain parts to compensate the long hours, but never expected to know
> there were new animations that would change the story flow dramatically.

Personally I have no problems with the GunTank fighting in free space,
although it may be hard to imagine... it's not just a ground based MS. And the
scene of the GunTank lying on its side abandoned at A-Bao-A-Qu is just as
memorable as the 'dead' GunCannon and Gundam. It just wasn't the same in the
Movie...when they just brought in the second GunCannon without warning.

I think a lot of people felt sorry for Hayato in the GunTank, and it's
interesting that in Z Gundam, at Hayato's MS Museum , his GunCannon is there
but the GunTank is no where to be seen...even Hayato preferred the GunCannon?

Considering that the TV series is double the length of the Movie, you miss
out on a whole bunch of great storylines, character development, scenes, MS ,
MA etc...but I would say that the bulk of the bits cutout were done so because
they featured the G-Armour and its variants. Unfortunately, the bits that were
cutout along with it were some of the best parts and without them the Movies
is more akin to a selection of action packed highlights without much
substance. (a la 0083 ?)

If you get the chance to see the TV series, you should. You just have to
convince yourself that the TV series is the 'real' version and the Movie is a
just a heavily condensed slightly altered compilation.


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