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James Boren wrote:

> Well, I've been playing blindly, and making slow progress figuring
> this game out. Unfortunately there's so much kanji, and no furigana
> in the manual that my japanese dictionary is no help.

I'm in the same boat you are. I know hiragana, katakana, and soem kanji,
but not enough to easily navigate through it. But I found it pretty easy
to get the basics through trial and error.

> Here are somethings I'd like to know.
> Which side is easier to start with, feds or Zeon?

I'm playing Feds right now and doing only moderately well. I'm having a
hard time getting the White Base and Gundam prototypes to Side 7, which
I think I'm supposed to do because people keep mentioning Side 7 to me.

> How do you repair and resupply units?

Not sure about repair, but if you land on one of the icons on the
battlemap (if you're playing Feds, they're the little grey Federation
logos) and leave a land based unit on there, they'll resupply. If you
don't have any on the map (say you're attacking somebody) you can take
one my placing a unit on it, and a new option will come up in the menu,
by selecting it the marker will become yours.

> Would one be better off attacking a unit from a stack, or separating
> that stack and attacking simultaniously from different sides?

I'd say sticking with a stack, that way your units wouldn't get torn up
so much. Probably the best way to take care of units (like those damn
Zaku... Anyone know what you need to do to get the Feds developing GMs?)
si attack with multiple stacks, creating a crossfire.



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