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Fri, 18 Feb 2000 08:11:35 -0800 (PST)

> Well, I've been playing blindly, and making slow
> progress figuring
> this game out. Unfortunately there's so much kanji,
> and no furigana
> in the manual that my japanese dictionary is no
> help.
That can be confusing...

> Which side is easier to start with, feds or Zeon?
The Feds have more capitals and resource at the very
beginning, but the air/tank units are pretty much
helpless against Zakus...or are they? If you can
deploy m.particles effectively, you can actually go
offensive with Feds' bombers. Just attack with stacks
and from all directions (i.e. surround enemy unit and
preferably attack with at least three full strength
Note that attack with 4+ stacks has much higher hit
rate, and getting ID on enemy (use "detect" command)
units helps too. Other notes for Fed/Zeon:
- When playing as Zeon you will lose most NT pilots
(if not all) in part two as they will defect to third
- The developers strengthened Zeon's long range
support MS/MA (pre-0083 designs): e.g., Fed's GMSniper
I/II now has the range of one while they dropped the
cost/res of Gelgoog Cannon and its beam cannon now has
2~3 as range.
> How do you repair and resupply units?
Effect on supply:
- Docking at Base > Docking at strategic point (those
hexagon thingies) > Docking at carriers/transports >
placing units on supply line.
Effect on repair:
- Docking at base > Docking at strategic point (think
it does repair...) OR Docking at carriers/transports
- Unit quantity can only be regenerated when dock at

> Would one be better off attacking a unit from a
> stack, or separating
> that stack and attacking simultaniously from
> different sides?
See above. And preferably under the "zone of command"
of some high rank & high stat. personnel.

> What are the stats for characters and units?
> How do you use minovsky particles?
For the above, question: Your browser supports asian
fonts? I can type those commands out with IME and
that should make things clearer.
> Do characters die, how do you get new characters?
For the SS version, they will just be marked "wounded"
and back in action after 3~4 rounds (if my memory
served me right). Actually, I haven't got my people
"dead" for PS so far...
Most pilots join by triggering events.

Hope they help.

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