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> << the movies cut out many side stories in TV series
> - they are part of White Base's journey on Earth
> were considered too long to be included in the
> movies. Also, many mechas (Gyan, Zakuello, etc.)
> omitted, but the new scenes for Old Zak & Gelgoog
> guarding A Baoa Qu is previously unseen on TV. >>
> Thank you for the info., it helped me a lot. What is
> the original TV series called? Is it just called
> Mobile Suit Gundam or is it MSG:OYW?

The 0079 TV series is called, simply, Mobile Suit

I also forget to tell u there are 2 more changes in
White Base's mechas: in movies, Sayla Mass and Sleggar
Rowe piloted the Core Boosters, but in TV series, both
piloted the G-Fighter and worked closely with Amuro's
Gundam to form the G-Armor unit.

The other notable difference is occurs in 2nd half of
the story: in TV, Hiyato piloted the Guntank all the
way to the end of war, but in the movie, as you know
already, he piloted the 2nd Guncannon and fight
alongside w/ Kai (hence the 108 and 109 units in the
MSiA Guncannon releases)

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