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> I finished watching the Gundam movies for the
> first time and I feel that they left things out,
> are in the MSG TV show. What I want to know is,
> without spoilers, if possiable, what am I missing
> out on by not being able to see the original MSG
> series? I want an English version of the MSG TV
> now, more then ever.

the movies cut out many side stories in TV series -
they are part of White Base's journey on Earth that
were considered too long to be included in the movies.
Also, many mechas (Gyan, Zakuello, etc.) were omitted,
but the new scenes for Old Zak & Gelgoog guarding A
Baoa Qu is previously unseen on TV.
> Is the Giren in the MSG movies the as in the video
> game Giren's Greed?

Yes, that's him.

> I ask this, because I have never played or have
> anything about this game. If it is, then is Giren's
> Greed a side story type game?

This is a game based on the 0079 storyline, plus lots
of 'what ifs' scenearios to create outcomes that's
totally different from what we've seen in 0079 TV and

> One more question, what other Gundam anime, in
> order, have Amuro and Char in them?

Both Amuro & Char appeared in Z Gundam TV series & CCA
movie; images of Char appeared in Haman Khan's memory
in Gundam ZZ. And of course, the duo appeared in the
brand new OYW animations of Blood of Zeon game.

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