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> There are also a number of Alternate Original OYW Factions
> There is the Neo Zeon Faction led by Char, The New Zeon led by a
> more mature
> Garma Zabi(Now you know why one of the major questions in this game's
> trailer asked "What If Garma lived?",

Hum? That can probably only happened with the death of Douzel, and with
Douzel's men throwing their support behind Garma. Perhaps Kishiria also
perish in order for the New Zeon to florish.

>yet another Zeon faction led by
> Kishiria,

Isn't this the "Legalimate" Zeon?

> as well as an alternate Titans faction that starts
> early(I think)

Earlie as in in '81 instead of '83? or Did they already semi-formed during

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