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You know, I must really playing the game a bit too much in sync with the
Anime or something..how do you beat the game so darn quickly? :P

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> Hello WooJin (or anyone who's wasting their life on PS
> GGreed),
> Have you cleared part one (Zeon)? I heard rumors
> about if achieved total victory by T44 you will get
> "bonus" Zeta and Type 100 plans and I confirmed
> with someone who cleared at T48 and got Type100...
> There are also rumors floating around saying that
> after getting all third factions activated on each
> disk a "special" faction will become selectable. Some
> mentioned about a 100% female cast headed by Hamaan
> (who else)...
> Oh, the most well hidden MS (and the last of the MS/MA
> roster) is the Prototype Mark2 (based on data from
> GDP). A high performance but seriously flawed design.
> So much for now. With some luck I should be able to
> clear the Fed (my excuse: easier to activate AEUG and
> got to keep most NT pilots during part two) path
> tonight.
> My body is failing me...
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