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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

> > Tomonaga wrote:
> > > figure(including hex?) is sold in capsules from a vending machine at random.
> > > So people who are planning to play this game properly would all end up having
> > > multiple copies of the same figures in order to get all the available MS. So
> Got more info on Gasphon Duel (GD) from a foreign correspondent:
> > the set i saw contains 2 boxes shrink wrapped 2gether, and the package
> > inc. 10 SD chess pieces (Gundam, Guncannon, Guntank, Zaku, Char's
> > Zaku, Gouf, Gelgoog, GM, Ball, and Zeong), chess board, instructions,
> > and some other unspecified gadgets. The price converts to about US$33.
> > 3 other sets of GD pieces (from 08, 0083, and 0080) are part of this
> > game & r available separately (i was told more chess pieces will be
> > released like those from Z, ZZ, CCA, etc.).

Interesting that there has been three series of ten MS each released so
far for GD
and the ten included in the above set are a mix of the first two series.
Also there
are only 3MS from 08th MS, 1 from 0080, 1 from 0083, that I can see on
the unit list
but there are 8 from MSV. I guess the three other sets must be a
combination of these
MS in sets of five?

No doubt the more powerful MS from the later series will have a much
higher general
rating than the OYW units. If you are still limited to a total rating
sum of 15, I
guess you won't have many units in your team...

Price seems a little high don't you think? but I take it it's an
unofficial set?


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