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Thanks for all the great info.

> Currently, just OK. The first Gundam show to ever air was Gundam Wing. But
> there are fans in the sidelines like myself who've been following the
> series
> on and off throughout the years. Its only now that the fanbase has grown
> bigger. With Wing and G Gundam alone we've ensured that both teens (both
> male and female) and kids got into the Gundam craze as well.
> Not quite in the level of Chodenji Machine Voltes V popularity, but slowly
> and steadily getting there
Where were the dubs done for Wing and G?
> .
> . The merchandise is generally available in every mall. You can get just
> practically any model in Metro Manila that's not OOP if you know where to
> look. We also get the latest releases as fast as the HK folk. Usually in
> limited quantities. Richie Ramos gets the latest kits often - he reviews
> the
> kits before they make it stateside on this ML.
> > How about videos of the series?
> You name it, we have it except ZZ. V and X are scarce. All AnimeVillage
> stuff is here. Fansubs abound as well. If you've heard it was fansubbed,
> chances are its here. I've even found people who have copies of unsubbed
> Turn A Gundam eps. here.
> Don't ask me why ZZ isn't here. I guess nobody was interested enough to
> get
> it... :)
> BTW, we have a Filipino mecha lovers ML called Mechapinoy at egroups. You
> may want to subscribe if you want to get the lowdown on how the mecha
> modeling scene is here.
> Email me Offlist if you want to subscribe... :)
> Fed
> Visit:
> Nadesico: Seiya's Aesti Hangar X!!!! at this URL:
> http://www.geocities.com/bloodmetal2/index.htm
> Everything you want to know about the Aestis...
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