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Thu, 17 Feb 2000 00:10:26 -0800

A while ago Tet posted a link to Bandai's Japanese site where they showed
pictures of The Gundam PalmTop mini-models, and a new HP series of figures
that are sold in grocery stores/supermarkets too.

Just got a set today, it is basically a large scale gashapon figure - the
Gundam one stands at slightly below 5 inches, putting it in the neighborhood
of 1/150 scale, slightly larger than a MSiA figure (not bad for less than
a third of the price, too). Material is identical to that of a gashapon
figure, but the figure is made of several more pieces, and they are molded
in the correct colors. The detailed parts are either painted or given
stickers to cover it up. No painted panel lines, which keeps the figure
looking clean and nice, but you are welcome to try your own hands on the
panel lines.

Although some joints are articulated like the gashapon figures, ultimately
the figures are sculpted to be fixed pose display pieces (think Fighting
Action poses). But they are more than that. Most of the figures come with
two weapons, so you can switch between the two of them. Again using the
Gundam as an example, although the standard pose is the aiming beam rifle
pose displayed on the front of the box, switch the weapon and tweak the pose
a bit, and you have just reproduced the classic vs. Black Tri Stars pose
where the shield is held upfront with a drawn saber behind the torso. Better
yet, the beam saber handle can be detached from the beam saber itself (molded
in translucent pink just like the MG version) and stored onto the backpack.
This is a feature that truly sets the figure apart from a gashapon figure.

For 300 yen, these figures are a steal if you collect gashapon or display
figures. Sheer size and colored molding + painting also make them better
value than The Gundam PalmTop mini-models.


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