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Those two dum-dums (Fangs 2 & 3) can't seem to last a minute when left to
their own devices... Best I can do is have them distract the Gundam while I
take out the Guntank. I almost defeated the Guncannon once, but the opposing
team has too good teamplay as opposed to the dum-dums I'm stuck with..

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> John Kwok wrote:
> > Anybody manage to beat Amuro in the bonus disc?
> >
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> The closest I have come to beating him is when you can see the electrical
> sparks shooting out of the Gundam's body. I did this by getting Fang 2
and 3
> to attack Amuro at short range, and I close in and attack while he was
> distracted. I'm pretty sure I was only a few more blows away from beating
> him. Unfortunately the GunCannon and GunTank came to the rescue and that
> that...
> I definitely think 3 on 1 attack with beam sabres is the only way you will
> beat the Gundam. There are really only two options:
> 1)You have to take Gundam out first with the loss of Fang 2 and 3 then
> out the GunCannon and GunTank singlehanded.
> -Looks possible with a lot of luck and careful positioning, but yet to be
> achieved.
> 2)Take out the GunTank and GunCannon without suffering much damage and
> quickly get to the Gundam before he destroys Fang 2 and 3.
> -I have accomplished the first part of this plan but suffered decent
> of damage, lost Fang 2 and 3 and the Gundam was hunting me...
> I haven't tried it yet but I was thinking of hiding Fang 2 and 3 from the
> Gundam and then take out the GunTank then the GunCannon while hoping that
> Gundam doesn't spoil the party. Hopefully if I don't suffer much damage ,
> with a lot of luck I can then order a 3 on 1 attack and defeat the Gundam.
> Anyone else have a better strategy?
> Tet
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