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John Kwok wrote:

> Anybody manage to beat Amuro in the bonus disc?
> -

The closest I have come to beating him is when you can see the electrical
sparks shooting out of the Gundam's body. I did this by getting Fang 2 and 3
to attack Amuro at short range, and I close in and attack while he was
distracted. I'm pretty sure I was only a few more blows away from beating
him. Unfortunately the GunCannon and GunTank came to the rescue and that was

I definitely think 3 on 1 attack with beam sabres is the only way you will
beat the Gundam. There are really only two options:

1)You have to take Gundam out first with the loss of Fang 2 and 3 then take
out the GunCannon and GunTank singlehanded.
-Looks possible with a lot of luck and careful positioning, but yet to be

2)Take out the GunTank and GunCannon without suffering much damage and then
quickly get to the Gundam before he destroys Fang 2 and 3.
-I have accomplished the first part of this plan but suffered decent amount
of damage, lost Fang 2 and 3 and the Gundam was hunting me...

I haven't tried it yet but I was thinking of hiding Fang 2 and 3 from the
Gundam and then take out the GunTank then the GunCannon while hoping that the
Gundam doesn't spoil the party. Hopefully if I don't suffer much damage ,
with a lot of luck I can then order a 3 on 1 attack and defeat the Gundam.

Anyone else have a better strategy?


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