Sean O'Mara (
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 17:34:27 -0700

Giren's Greed for PS seems to be quite the hot topic, so I'd thought I'd
throw out a question about it to any of those people that might be able
to answer it.

I'm a few turns into the game, and doing alright, but for a couple of
turns now my bases aren't producing anything. When I click on a base (to
bring up the list of units being produced) the units read 0 (which I'm
pretty sure means 0 turns remaining until they're produced) but it's
been like this for a couple of turns. Am I doing something wrong, is
there something I need to do?

I'd appreciate any help on this, as the fact I don't know very much
Japanese causes a few problems during gameplay.



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