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> For Filipinos...
> I'm also one living in Toronto Canada and I'm new to the list.
> I was wondering how big Gundam was back home?

Currently, just OK. The first Gundam show to ever air was Gundam Wing. But
there are fans in the sidelines like myself who've been following the series
on and off throughout the years. Its only now that the fanbase has grown
bigger. With Wing and G Gundam alone we've ensured that both teens (both
male and female) and kids got into the Gundam craze as well.

Not quite in the level of Chodenji Machine Voltes V popularity, but slowly
and steadily getting there

> My wife and I are planning a trip in the summer and I was
> wondering if it's easy or cheaper to buy Gundam models there.

. The merchandise is generally available in every mall. You can get just
practically any model in Metro Manila that's not OOP if you know where to
look. We also get the latest releases as fast as the HK folk. Usually in
limited quantities. Richie Ramos gets the latest kits often - he reviews the
kits before they make it stateside on this ML.

Cheaper? Well, see next entry...

> I just bought a Zeta Gundam MG for $60 Canadian which is
> about +1200pesos. Is that a bad price?

Good price. The Zeta costs more here (Php1500) I think... Shipping or air
freight to the Philippines from Japan and/or anywhere in the world is
dreadfully inefficient - plus the distributors markup here (Smarty Toys) is
so high that when it gets to the stores the prices go even higher.

Even then, you can find places that can match that Canadian price you got
the Zeta for - you just gotta know where to look.

> How about videos of the series?

You name it, we have it except ZZ. V and X are scarce. All AnimeVillage
stuff is here. Fansubs abound as well. If you've heard it was fansubbed,
chances are its here. I've even found people who have copies of unsubbed
Turn A Gundam eps. here.

Don't ask me why ZZ isn't here. I guess nobody was interested enough to get
it... :)

BTW, we have a Filipino mecha lovers ML called Mechapinoy at egroups. You
may want to subscribe if you want to get the lowdown on how the mecha
modeling scene is here.

Email me Offlist if you want to subscribe... :)


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